FREE: Postpartum Recovery Course

Heal your post-birth body and transform your family's health in the process.


There has never been a more critical time in history than now to address your health and well-being.

No matter if you're are 3 weeks or 3 years postpartum, this vibrant group is will show you how to heal your unique post-birth needs, build your immune system, and balance your hormones for good.

Here's a few words from my amazing mamas:

"Having Maranda in my corner began to completely change everything for me. She gave me the knowledge and tools to overcome many of these challenges. And within a few sessions together, I was getting more sleep and feeling more comfortable as a mother. I was feeling like myself again." -Kelsey Enochs

"Maranda's meal plan and motivation and education through this postpartum left me feeling so much better emotionally and mentally this time around. I didn't even experience the swelling or bloating I normally do. It's truly made all the difference for me!" Heather McCormick 

"Coaching with Maranda has changed my entire life. I thought I was doing everything right with my body and I couldn't figure out why I still felt horrible. I honestly felt so broken. I reached out to Maranda after reading some reviews but was truly scared that even she couldn't help me . I did it anyway and now I feel like a new person! I'm a better mom, wife, and friend. People tell me all the time, 'you look radiant! What have you done?' I've done Maranda's program, that's what. Best decision of my life!" -Jan F.

"For the first time in two years, I've actually gotten a full night's rest. I am blown away that such an easy recommendation as making sleep a priority could actually work as it did. Honestly, I thought Maranda was a bit crazy but I was so desperate for sleep, I would try anything. Now Maranda is the only person I come to for anything postpartum related. Thank you for changing my life!" - Amanda B.

"I came to Maranda with depression, extreme fatique, low libido, resentment and anger toward my birth story, adult acne, gut issues, trouble connecting with my son, in 'survival mode' and wanting to get off Lexapro, which I've been on for almost 4 years. Today, I am a new woman. I have soooo much energy, I'm OFF Lexapro, and none of the other issues even exist. Through our healing and coaching sessions, she not only healed the physical but the emotional as well. I am sooooo thankful I got the courage to write that first message to her. It literally changed my life." - Mallory Jones

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